Imagine if Dorothy stayed in the Emerald City to look for trouble

About the Curly Clever One

My life is weird and fun and filled with interesting characters. I have a cool job that takes me around the world and puts me face-to-face with the universe’s strangers. I have nothing but time to remain 21 years old since I am spouseless, childless and typically shirk adult responsibilities. My best friends are scattered around the globe and I don’t have the strength to watch TV. I am preoccupied by music and travel and spend my life cooking and sampling world cuisine. It is for these reasons that I have decided to start a blog. My life story (so far) is not an epic tale or a recycled romantic comedy. It’s not an Oprah-selection tear-jerker or an embarrassing teen musical. There are no dangerous action sequences, no vampires (or otherwise undead), no perfectly-coiffed co-stars and none of my pets can speak (yet). However, the quirky moments I regularly experience, the odd effect I have on electronics, my uncomfortable obsession with mariachis, and my eclectic inner circle make my life remarkable…at least to me.


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